Fountain of Youth

I have self healed a body ailment in the past. I am wondering now if the one I am facing can be healed. i believe it can. The aliment i refer to is aging. I am of a certain number in years, but refuse to accept it. I refuse to see the lines wrinkles and graying hair. If I could leave this town and resurface where no one knows me, I might lie about the number of years I’ve lived and not admit to any number. What I prefer to say when asked my age is “middle aged” usually this let’s people know i am not specifying a number and they leave it alone. But what if I want the fountain of youth? Some say you should just accept your aging with pride, other say they don’t even think of it and still others feel resentful even angry about it. Ernest Hemingway hated his old self and ended it!  I’ve chosen a different approach, with a few adjustments like keeping the body sexy, adding the right clothes, hair and makeup, I can still catch the attention of a few admirers. But what if I want more. What if I want to actually reverse aging and turn each second on the clock backward. If time travel is real why not age reversal?

First I believe. This is the first step. Next tell your body what you want. I have already slowed the process, but now I want to reverse it! this is how I will do it, through meditation every night and morning!  I am taking you with me on this journey. I will share day to day accounts of what happens and the changes I see. These accounts will be in story format for the sake of entertainment. Life goes on so I will have to live the usual routines, work, interaction with family, friends. Should be an interesting and fun ride!


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